Vintage inspired original watches with up to date materials and quality Swiss or Japanese movements.

We design and build watches with passion, quality and with automotive aesthetics in a way that includes all types of enthusiasts.

Alexander James Watches is a company based in Chicago, IL. We assemble all watches in here in Chicago using Seiko’s workhorse NH35 movements.rn

Elegant watch with a really lively dial.

We bring together the best of Italian elegance and Swiss watchmaking excellence since 1997.

Founded by two french designer and entrepreneur, AUTEUR - french for author - celebrates people's stories & the meaningful moments of their life
 through signature design timepieces and concepts.

A family-owned, American watch company offering the finest limited-edition timepieces and personalized customer service at affordable prices.

Biatec is a brand of high-end mechanical watches with Swiss Movements made in Slovakia. All our watches are handcrafted and assembled with high-quality components and tested at our own facility.

Björn Hendal Watches are inspired by the first watches with chronograph from the 1940s. An elegant appearance and true symbol of Swedish design.

Blacklist is the automotive enthusiast’s watch brand. Founded in 2013 and motivated by our love for supercars, our designs feature iconic colors and materials.

Błonie is a rejuvenated brand, the result of careful cultivation of Polish watchmaking traditions and a national legend brought back to life.

A premium British brand built by two friends with the same vision - to create stylish and quintessentially English timepieces.

The Swiss Watchmaking lovers's choice

Sapphire crystal. Automatic movement. 100M Water resistance. USA assembly. Distinctive recording studio-inspired design.

Microbrand swiss made with one employed.rnAll the watches are assembled by hand in my workshop in canton de Neuchâtel in Switzerland.

Limited production mechanical Swiss watches (never exceeding 300 of any model), most are limited to 100 pieces or less. The likelihood of finding another person with a d.freemont watch is rare.

Custom design, high-quality and genuinely affordable, the Seahorse is our vision of a modern dive watch with a vintage touch.

Meet the brand new DeLorean Motor Company timepiece collection inspired by the iconic car. #DMCWatches

DONE WATCHES is an independent Swiss brand created late 2015. Based in Neuchâtel Switzerland, the brand has a calling to develop and produce competitively priced quality mechanical Swiss made watches

History remembers those who are a little bit different. Inspired by and designed in Austin, Texas, DuFrane Watches builds classically styled mechanical timepieces.

Creating versatile watches with high quality, developed to endure all challenges, occasions, and environments in your daily life.

A new watch brand from Northern Ireland, launched on Kickstarter in 2016. Finn Watches is inspired by the Irish mythological giant Finn McCool and the hexagonal stones found at the Giant's Causeway

FLORIJN is a Dutch watch brand. The name refers to the Dutch character. The entire watch, from case to dial, is of typical Dutch Design. So clear lines, simple (but not simplistic) and powerful.

London based but made in Italy and Switzerland, Freedom To Exist is the antidote to the overwhelming noise of branding and technology. Setup by Kirsty & Paul in 2015.

We create stylish and accessible luxury timepieces built here in America. Refined tool watches with a lifestyle twist.

Havaan Tuvali is a micro brand dedicated to making quality watches using top grade materials and Swiss movements. Our goal is to make unique, non-generic watches that people can proudly wear for year

For the ones who find beauty in simplicity and dare to be Unique with a heritage of ancient elegance to futuristic grace the Jacques Reboul line of watches dress you for any occasion.

The brand aims at redefining horology with exceptional concepts revisiting an era to create mesmerizing pieces of art.

24h watches like those worn by cosmonauts and polar explorers, reinvented for the modern world. Fully funded on Kickstarter, pre-orders now open!

Committed to clean & simple designs, affordable prices, and high quality watches assembled by hand in The United States of America.

Meccaniche Veneziane aims to launch a new golden age of watchmaking Venetian by manufacturing automatic timepieces never made obsolete by new technology

Merci Nuage est un créateur horloger revendiquant une autonomie de conception et de fabrication utilisant les savoir-faire de l'artisanat.

Designed in the UK, MHD watches truly encapsulate automotive design with luxury to produce an elegant timepieces that would befit both contemporary and classic car lovers.

Inspired by the golden age of watchmaking for the 21st century. Minute & Azimut watches are built to endure entropy and last with memory.rnAssembled in London, it features a Swiss made movement.

Watches proudly assembled in the USA to raise funds for charity.

Montfort design and build exciting Swiss automatic watches that integrate innovative and unique technologies.

Elegantly crafted watches infused with natural wooden extracts. A watch that perfectly suits any occasion. UK based | Free shipping worldwide.

NEUHAUS Timepieces is a German luxury watch brand. Founded 2010 by Manuel Neuhaus. We produce a revolutionary one hand watch that is running at double speed and therefore is sensational good legible.

Unusual Limited Edition: 24 hour watches, 24 hour single hand watches, single hand watches, backward watches and single hand backward watches.

Boutique watches designed & assembled in Los Angeles

Ocean Crawler is an American watchmaking company based in Rochester, New York, which specializes in self-winding and automatic mechanical watches.

Phoibos watch goal is to offer solid, reliable, classically styled watches at reasonable prices to global consumers. We strive to manufacture watches of superior quality.

Making Pilot watches exciting again. Specially designed made full lume pilot dials paired a massive 50mm case. The oversized watch you need.

At Regia Timepieces, we offer quality and reliability at exceptional value for all watch enthusiast. Our timepieces carries a vintage look with a spark of modern design and technological advancement.

Inspired by classic car design but no place for some déjà vu shapes. Stylistic approach in volume, curves and counter-curves with interchangeable bezels for truly unique watches.

Founded in 2015 and Based in Singapore. Spectre Time offers exquisite luxury timepieces at a fraction of the price. All our watches are made from quality materials and premium parts.

Straton Watch Co. is an automotive inspired lifestyle brand bringing you watches, straps, driving gloves and bags with retro styling.

Unusual Limited Edition watches: 24 hour watches, 24 hour single hand watches, single hand watches, backward watches and backward single hand watches.

A modern take on classic watches.rnVintage-inspired designs with classic styling and the highest quality workmanship.rn

Inspired by the fantastic story of courage and determination to explore the deepest known part of the Earth’s ocean, TRIESTE Watches has created the TRIESTE Deep Sea Collection.

At New York based Trouvaille Watches we look to achieve four core principles: quality, reliability, transparency and value with an emphasis on offering the best quality watches at the best prices.

It all started when Robbert Suurland, owner, founder, designer and full blooded watch aficionado decided to combine his experience and passion and started his own company.

The VISSER watch was born from years of experience, building the highest quality fishing reels in the world.It's worthy of any collection offering timeless features for any lifestyle.

Classic timepieces. Norwegian soul - Swiss heart. Von Doren creates elegant, high quality classic watches with Swiss premium movement and Swiss Made Automatic timepieces for the demanding aficionado.

Vortic Watch Company is a small batch, custom watch manufacturing company located in Northern Colorado. The primary product is the American Artisan Series featuring antique pocket watch movements.

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